Attention BBL Dolls : Are You Building Your BBL Body?

"Building Your Perfect Body With A BBL?

 Sit Comfortably & Help Reduce Post-Op Swelling - Fast!" 
(even if you've heard all recovery pillows are the same?)

Introducing The Wilkoco™ Therapeutic BBL Pillow.
Specifically Designed to Help Boost Your Recovery & Comfort! 

Intelligently Designed with Your Comfort in Mind :

Designed to help improve Lymph-flow: the 3-piece construction includes bumps and hollows on the top surface that improve lymph movement: Resulting in a better, more Comfortable Recovery by Reducing Swelling - Faster! 

  • Quick Recovery: Get back to Normal Life sooner by boosting your recovery by improving post-op lymph-flow!
  • ​Reduce Risk of Post Op-Complications: Better lymph-flow Reduces the risk of excessive, prolonged swelling - meaning less risk of after-effects such as Fibrosis!
  • ​Comfortable & Conforming: Soft enough to sit for long periods while keeping you elevated : The middle Memory Foam layer conforms to your shape while the soft-top Castellated layer promotes lymph flow. This means no numbness or discomfort thats so common with standard lifting pillows. Use it in the Car, at Home, in the Office or when out with family and friends!
  • ​Easy To Use : Machine-washable cover with zipper, with grippy base so you don't slide or slip on smooth surfaces. Rated to not crush down at 220lbs
  • ​Any Chair - AnyWhere! : Intelligently sized to fit any chair anywhere!  17.7 x 8.6 x 5.5 inches - means it fits most kitchen, dining, lounge, vehicle and office chairs
  • ​Touch of Class : The Exclusive Signature Lambswool top, over dark neoprene fabric give a classic feeling of Class and Luxury as you heal and helps build your perfect figure!
  • Help to Reduce The Risk of Cellulite : Researchers have found that slow or stagnant lymph-flow cannot transport fats and lipids appropriately, resulting in unsightly cellulite. Use the Wilkoco BBL Pillow to help reduce the risks!  

Plus Wilkoco Is Offering An Exclusive Set of Recovery Blueprints That Helps You Plan & Manage Your Healing, So You Can Build Your Ideal Body - Faster

Get Them All When You Choose The Wilkoco Therapeutic BBL Pillow:

Learn the 7 Swelling Secrets your surgeon forgot to tell you about boosting your recovery! With more cosmetic surgeries performed each year, surgeons are necessarily spending less time with each patient. 

Learn and apply little-known recovery methods that will accelerate your healing time!

Retail Value $49

Your surgery success depends on your health. Many women unknowingly have a low blood  iron count which can negatively impact your health and surgical recovery.  

Learn proven methods in How To Improve Low Blood Iron and help improve your BBL surgery success 

Retail Value $39

The 28Day Fructose Free Nutrition Plan. Research has shown that foods with the fruit-sugar Fructose can result in excessive swelling, which slows and risks a flawless recovery. 

Wilkoco has commissioned  a nutritionist -designed meal-plan providing proven healthy and tasty meals that are simple and fast to prepare - a life-saver when you still are stiff and sore from surgery! 

Retail Value $299

The Fructose Content Of Common Fruits. A simple but essential chart providing a comprehensive list with fructose content per serving within everyday fruits. 
Use in conjunction with the 28Day Fructose Free Nutrition Plan, to ensure you minimize swelling and reduce all possible risks to your flawless surgical recovery!

Retail Value $12

All This Value PLUS :

An Interactive BBL Preparation Checklist: pre-selected with some of the best Recovery Supplies available on Amazon!

All the work is done for you, all your pre-surgery supplies and post-op recovery items in the one place - either choose the pre-selected product, or scroll the page to find a similar item that may fit your needs better. 

Retail Value $29

Wilkoco's Exclusive OnePager guide :      "How To Get The Most Recovery Effect From Your BBL Pillow
Outlining 6 key Strategies and Techniques to get the best and fastest recovery with your Therapeutic BBL Pillow

Retail Value $39

You will also get our comprehensive 16page "BBL Explanation & Recovery Guide" written in consultation with medical researcher Dr. Maryiam Fatima (MBBS), outlining key information invaluable for you to help create the best BBL recovery possible!

Retail Value $59

The Value of these Recovery Blueprints by themselves is $526!

Plus the Pillow by itself is Valued at $39.99

Thats A Combined Value of $565.99 !
Get The Pillow And This Valuable Information Today For Only $69.00 !

Get Them All Today with your BBL Pillow for Just $69!

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  • The Wilkoco Therapeutic BBL Pillow ______(Value $39.99)
  • ​The 28Day Fructose Free Nutrition Plan__(Value $299)
  • ​How To Improve Low Blood Iron __________(Value $39)
  • ​7 Swelling Secrets____________________________(Value $49)
  • ​Fructose Content of Common Fruits______(Value $12)
  • BBL Preparation Checklist__________________(Value $29)
  • How To Get the Most Recovery Effect_____(Value $39)
  • ​A BBL Explanation & Recovery Guide______(Value $59) 
Total Value: $565.99
Today Just $69.00

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